Junior Membership Form

You may join by:

    1. Print and mail a PAPER FORM along with your check for payment.

Adult Membership Form


  1. Click on the following link or cut and paste it into your browser. The link will take you to the OKC Velo Member Application form. Complete
    the form as indicated.
  2. http://bit.ly/u6bIQM

2017 Officers and Leaders:

President: Gil Summy

Vice-President, Secretary/Asst. Treas.: Bill Wylie

Treasurer: Randy Kamp

2016 Race Director: Tony Steward

2016 Bike Lab Captain: Tony Steward

2016 BRAOK Representative: Paul Watkins

JE Dunn Elite Team Captain: Peter Erdoes

Club Mailing Address
11209 Woodbridge Road
Oklahoma City, OK. 73162-4936

General Info

Constitution and By Laws of the OKC VELO Club.

OKC VELO Incorporating Document

Club Clothing
Clothing is usually ordered once per year. Special emails are sent out to each currently paid member as to when clothing orders are being taken.


"This not-for profit Corporation has been formed exclusively for the charitable and public purpose of promoting the sport of bicycle racing; promoting bicycle safety education; and promoting or sponsoring one or more bicycle racing teams and bicycle racing events."

From A Past President:

I joined the Velo Club as I saw it to be a group of riders who were committed to understanding the technical aspects of the sport, who trained to achieve their personal best, periodically measured themselves against other riders in competition, and desired to fellowship with and encourage each other. It is these qualities your leadership team wishes to continue to promote.

The OKC Velo Club, Inc. was incorporated in 1983. It is the longest surviving USAC club in Oklahoma. We are the 197th USAC club formed, and the current USAC club number issuances are something over 11,500. As of October 2007, there are only 2035 of these 11,500+ club numbers issued still active. Further, of the first 197 USAC clubs, only 40 are still operating. There have been up and down years, but the tradition continues. Just like a road race, starting is the easy part, not DNFing is the tough part of operating a club.

There are opportunities to excel at any level of USAC cycling. One can ride or race as part of the Velo Club, or qualify to be invited to race with one of the Race Teams.

Take advantage of the Club's fellowship, training, and competitive activities by getting involved. The membership fee is not the issue, giving back to the sport is.

- Bill Wylie